Friday, 20 February 2009

Jessica at Work

I thought some of you might be interested in getting a little glimpse into how I actually make my jewellery. I am a jeweller but people are always surprised how i make my work. Acrylic jewellery requires more machines than small tools. So my workshop i think looks a little different from the 'jewellers workbench' that people have in their minds. In these pictures you can see me working on one of my vital machines, the polisher (left) and on my mini drill, which I need for my earrings and pendants (below) . I still have a small metal working area for making earring wires and for any soldering work required, but a lot of my time is spent working on the acrylic. I have to work through a variety processes to achieve my final pieces (which i will discuss further in my next blog).

Work for the BCTF continues and a large stack of trade invites have now arrived on my desk so its full steam ahead stuffing envelopes to get the invites out. Work is making good progress and some new designs are ready to be launched in April.

An update of current exhibitions and stockists
I have been taking part in a Valentines exhibition at the Fg2 Gallery in Leicestershire; my work is currently still showing and the exhibition runs from 14th Jan and runs till the 14th Mar:- (see invite right, centre image featured shows a variety of my pendants.)

I also have two new stockists one in Ripon at the Hornseys Gallery:- and also the Mercer Gallery in Harrogate:- (See links for information and directions.)

Also thanks to all those who have voted for me in the Craft and Design Magazine Select awards so far, but there is still time so i hope everyone will continue to vote, please go to previous post for details.

Thanks again!



  1. wow very interesting post about jewellery making, you are very talanted,keep up the lovely work..

    hugs sheila xx

  2. Oh I for to say I came across your blog through your mum silvia on her blog lol

  3. Thanks good to get positive feedback as this is all still a bit new to me!!

  4. Yay! A fellow yorkshire maker! I'm now following you - in a blogging, non stalking way!


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