Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Contemporary Craft Fair 2010

The show was great and I was so glad that the weather held out....

Arrived Wednesday.... Our 6 hour journey went without a problem and wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Got to the football pitch campsite and set up the tent. There were just porta loos which weren't as bad as I remember them, hot showers though which were great. We had a little wander into Bovey and got sorted at the supermarket and of course a pub!!

Thursday set up..... Got my display together (see pic) and then just got ready for the private view evening, drank a little cider and got chatting to loads of people.

Friday showtime....Beautiful day!! There were plenty of people about which made the day go quick. In the evening we deciced on a mini BBQ and a few games of gin rummy.... I'm pleased to say I won with a score of 153 to 10!!

Saturday and Sunday..... More great weather two more busy days and it was great to see a few customers enjoying wearing some of my jewellery they had purchased at one of my stockists Nicola Hurst in Plymouth. The Saturday eve we went out to an exhibitors party, an event put together by the organiser and it was great. We got a bus up to a farm who served the most amazing buffet and then we had a performance of jazz which I really enjoyed. Sunday morning was time to pack up I left the tent to be packed up whilst I sold on the last day of the show, it went really well and then it was time to head home..... just as we were getting the last of the stand in the car the rain started to fall!! Got back pretty late but did mean I had the whole of Monday off!!


  1. Sounds pretty good...well I know it was:)

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