Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New Work .....

Well the brand new range 'Optical' has been doing really well so far, and is filtering into shops. You can also order direct by looking at the trade catalogue on my site then just e-mail your order as I haven't had time to get pieces uploaded to the shop.

The range is a brand new shape for me, a circular shape but very 3D and tactile. The use of black text on the back gives a unique optical effect throughout the pieces and you do find something new in them every time you look at them. I love that people are a little bit mystified and question what is happening when they look at my work.
Each piece is hand shaped and the surface of each piece of acrylic has been hand formed then sanded and polished as usual. The idea is that both the wearer and viewer can be puzzled and intrigued with the pieces whilst they still look pretty and wearable.

Spirograph images also feature quite heavily along side the text, I had great fun drawing with an original Spirograph set to draw up the patterns I felt worked the best. They also helped me come up with the overall design (although it may not be obvious in the final pieces!)

I hope that has given you a bit more of an insight into my new range of work. Keep up to date with all my news and of new work over at my website www.jessicajewellerydesign.co.uk


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