Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Making Heart Christmas Decoration

This is a fun way to make little Christmas Tree decorations.  I made them as name place settings for my Christmas table and then everyone can take them away and keep to put on their own trees!

1) Start with some Polymer Clay (like FIMO or I used PREMO by Sculpey).  I used an effects type one which was white with glitter for extra sparkle.

2) Take a chunk of the clay and roll this into balls, one ball per decoration.  This also softens the clay ready to use.

3) Roll each ball flat just with a wooden rolling pin (not one used with food) or a plastic rod until its a few mm thick.

4) Using some letter stamps press in the name of the person.

5) Use a charm or button whatever you have to press a design into the surface.  I used a snowflake pattern.  Rubber stamps work well for this too.  The I used a pen just to make a hole at the top ready for the ribbon.

6) Use a cookie cutter (again not one used for food) and cut your shape, making sure the hole is still visible and that your name fits in the middle.  I used a heart cutter and then cut into the snowflake pattern.

7)  There you have your finished design.  Next its time to bake.

8) Pre heat oven according to packet instructions, then lay the decorations flat onto a tray.  Cook according to the packet instructions which is normally on a low electric heat for 15-30 min depending on your cooker.

9)  Thread some bight red ribbon through the top and knot a loop and then you have your finished item.  Lay them on the table or pop them on your tree!

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year from Jessica Jewellery Design!!



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