Monday, 16 March 2009

Jessica at Work - Part 2

As i said in one of my previous blogs i wanted to give you an in sight into how i create my work. The acrylic does have to go through a variety of processes to become jewellery. All my work starts with a flat sheet of acrylic. The bangles for example first get cut into the correct size, then i print my image onto the surface of the acrylic, this will become the inside surface. I then bend the flat piece. At this point the bangles don't look much so the next step is to cut the ends off which also gives me flexibility with sizing. I then have to take the surfaces through a variety of sanding stages. Once this is complete i then have to polish the surfaces (see image from Jessica at Work blog). After these processes you have a finished bangle - see image. It is very time consuming but enjoy working with acrylic and feel going from a flat sheet to a wearable unique pieces of jewellery is very satisfying.

Progress with BCTF continues, all the invites have been sent and I am getting all the work finalised. The website now has a catalogue showing a good selection of my work that will be shown for all those that would like a preview or can't attend due to not having a trade connection.

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