Sunday, 11 July 2010

Backyard Market

Weekend in London...well on Friday we headed down to find out where the Backyard Market takes place. Its a part of London I haven't been to in many years. With the sun blazing down we started walking. There were plenty of funky little shops and we found the entrance to the market quite easily. We had plenty of time so headed over to Spitalfields Market to take a look round. On the way back I was very excited about a sample sale that was taking place of Orla Kiely bags and clothes, so had to treat myself to a couple of pieces.

Saturday was a really early start, unfortunatly there were lots of works on the transport system so that delayed quite a lot. We arrived to see that friday nights on Brick Lane must be very eventful see photo of chap that must have had a great night!
Once we got to the Market ready we got on with setting up. It was our first go at a London market so we didn't really know what to expect. Well we got all the work out and customers started coming through. My work was really well received. The other stall holders were really welcoming and friendly which was lovely and sold some really intersting things, it was hard to resist. The streets were fairly busy but lots of people said that Sunday was the busiest market day.

Sunday was an even earlier start, we managed to find a quick enough route though which was good. We sorted out the stand a little better for the Sunday and were really pleased with the display. See photos. There was a lot more going on we had no idea. When we got off the train we were suprised to see market stalls, including fruit and veg etc for at least a mile, then once we got to Brick Lane there were even more. As the day went on there were just more and more people. See photos of the streets of bricklane.

There were both more market stall holders and customers at the Backyard Market so that was good. It was another hot hot day and after packing up we headed off just as everyone was starting to settle into bars and continue to shop in the quirky little shops that are all around Brick Lane.
Just a final note to say a big thanks to Claire who was a big help and worked alongside me to set up and sell at the market. Also the photos used in this blog were taken by her. It was good fun and will possibly take part in future markets towards Christmas time. ***********************************************************************************


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