Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Kinda Jewellery......

People always worry about buying me jewellery because I design and make it they think it must be impossible to find things I like. Very far from it, I think being in the business I am, makes me appreciate and love a whole host of different jewellery.  I also get asked quite a lot 'What "type" of jewellery do you like' I thought I would put a little blog together with a few pictures of some of the jewellery I have and love to wear by a few different jewellers who I admire, that also make and or design their own work. I should also add that I love all different materials, and am constantly fascinated by how people use and adapt materials in different ways.

Love this work she is based at the Manchester Craft Centre which is well worth the visit, loved it there then saw her work again at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.... So this was a lovely Christmas Prezzie from my other half!

I have always loved the bold but simple designs that Sarah creates.  I was lucky enough to have a 3month work experience with her whilst on my degree which taught me a lot more about using acrylic.  I spent a LONG time polishing bangles like the one you see.  So now as well as loving the colour appreciate wearing it!!

A lovely lady who's work I have seen for a long time but who I really first met at the British Craft Trade Fair and since then our paths cross at various shows.  Love this bright cuff bangle.

This is very lovely delicate work using printed patterns onto a polypropylene.  I have admired their work for many years and seen it evolve.  I got this piece as a birthday prezzie, its from MIMA which has a very good gift shop for contemporary handmade jewellery.

Emma is based in the Southern England and she had a stand opposite me at the Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Fair, after chatting about business etc and admiring each others work I couldn't resist this lovely piece.  It also turns out Emma graduated from the same University as myself and did the same degree but was a couple of years below me.

Wood Ring
I am sorry to say I can't remember the designer to this one, it was from a mixed showcase at the Manchester Craft and Design centre.  I love the pattern and love that its so ornate and then made from wood.  Love a lot of the work that is out there at the moment using wood.  Its a material I would love to have a go with.

Not much of a story behind this little brooch, acquired from the GNCCF just loved the colours and love Lynseys bold use of felt and buttons in her work.

And last but not least another question I get asked is what is my favourite piece of my own jewellery!?  Well usually the newest ranges are always the most exciting because you create something you at first didn't know you could.  However I have made myself a bangle and necklace (necklace below) from the Cartwheel Flower lilac range.  Purple is my favourite colour and it goes with a lot of things I wear.  I also love the way the images came out, they involved a very late night trip out to a very muddy field in winter, to catch these Cartwheel Flowers in silhouette.

Quote from Resin Jewellery by  Kathie Murphy book ISBN 978-0-7136-7311-1 (page 17)

"Where plastics continue to receive little acclaim is studio jewellery.  Because plastic products tend to be mass produced for maximum profit, it is still regarded as a cheap material.  This criteria is not true of plastic jewellery that has been individually handcrafted.  The time and judgement taken to transform plastic into a piece with an aesthetic quality can never be inexpensive."

I think that is an interesting quote and think people need to value jewellery not necessarily because it is made from expensive metals and gems, but because of the work that has gone into it.  Also the value of jewellery is a lot to do with what it means to you.  I would love to hear your stories and see photos of your special piece of jewellery or and interesting item you have and why, or what it means to you.  The stories behind jewellery are so interesting.  I think it is important to enjoy your jewellery whatever it may be made from.

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  1. Thank you for the mention Jessica and I'm really glad you are enjoying wearing your bangle.

  2. Jessica, that is a lovely way to pass on the appreciation of others work. I'm amazed at the selection you've chosen, all having their own merit. A great blog post!

    Cheery ;O)
    PS Just found you at UK Handmade...


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