Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Blue, Blossom and Buttons

Cherry Blossom outside my workshop window

Blue Skies and Blossom, Spring is here!!

So looking outside of my workshop window what did I see a few days ago? I saw the above two pictures! Lovely Cherry Blossom and deep blue sky.  There is nothing more beautiful in Spring time!

This image has always inspired me and I have taken many photos of cherry blossom which I use in my jewellery and now in my buttons, both the handmade 'Odd Bodd' buttons, and my printed range.  I will hopefully get these on the website soon but in the meantime e-mail for any purchasing enquiries.
"Odd Bodd" Handmade Buttons
Large printed buttons with my Jessica Jewellery Design image
Smaller buttons in 3 different shapes

Hope this blog has brightened a dreary day!!


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  1. Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your creations are fantastic- I really love acrylic and resin jewellery, more so than silver!!! Not sure what that says about me!!


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