Friday, 20 July 2012

COLLECT 2012 - Retospective look

Collect 2012 at the Saatchi Gallery, London took place back in May. This is a great exhibition where 30+ galleries come together and show off some of their greatest Crafts. This was a glorious sunny weekend and took place over at the Saatchi Gallery.

I have just picked a couple of names and work that really stood out to me. Lesley Craze had a great selection of jewellery, I particularly loved the Nora Fok pieces. Her work really is inspirational and she creates beautiful intricate pieces. A few necklaces were made out of Slinky's and were very interesting repeat patterns.

These glass pieces are by Katharine Coleman, I felt I should share some images of her work as it has always been an inspiration to me. Although I work in plastics the way she uses depth and image distortion is similar to what I apply to my work.

These also really caught my eye, a danish maker, Steffan Dam Glass sculptures. These are Biologically inspired glass sculptures. Amazing glass pieces that resemble mysterious under water creatures contained in test tubes. They are really very clever.

I am already looking forward to Collect 2013 and would recommend anyone goes and takes the opportunity to have a look at this exhibition of the very best in high end craft.

(Me on the tube heading back from the Saatchi, thought the perfect opportunity to wear one of my 3 piece segment necklaces!)


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