Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Transplantation Exhibition, The HUB

Transplantation was a really interesting exhibition where a variety of jewellers where invited to make jewellery based on the theme of 'Transplantation' a sense of place and culture. It was a really interesting look at contemporary jewellery that is quite unusual and made not necessarily for the function to wear but to show a message or portray a story, and the makers interpretation of the theme.

I have pictured some of the artists and their work that stood out to me.........

Laura Potter renowned for her more conceptual jewellery - In this work entitled "Goldweighs of the 19th Century Australian Colonists" she made 'fictional' items based on real out of brass. This representing the curious (fictitious) system for measuring gold.

These fish brooches by Jack Cunningham are entitled "The Great Barrier". They are amazing intricate unique brooches representing the migration of family members to the new world. In search of a fresh start and a better future.

This selection of works is called "Heimat" by Jivan Astfalck. It is a collection of 6 wearable pieces of jewellery that as a collection tells a story of the myth of childhood, upbringing, pains of growing up and grander myths of gender, belonging and transcendence. The objects are from memories, fiction, history and thought.

Lin Cheung often found exhibiting with Laura Potter, this piece entitled "24 Carats of Gold". This is a collection of handmade coins made from a mixture of alloys to create a variety of colours representing the multicultural make up of modern Australia. Using her own precious jewellery that is then melted down, even though these items are destroyed the items can still be identified by the colour and carat of each coin. These also represent 'love tokens' - defaced coins made by British convicts to give to their loved ones before being transported to Australia.

Collection of works by Bridie Lander, she made works for this exhibition from a very personal point a view. Having moved to different culture. She looks at how Flora and Fauna have been translated and transported literally through migrations and history.

The Transplantation exhibition is touring and is currently on show at The Collection Museum in Lincoln until the 5th August.


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