Monday, 6 August 2012

The Elevated Envelope

Well this is my first attempt at this. A friend sent me a link through facebook after I commented that what comes through the letter box these days is quite depressing and is normally in the guise of a bill.

Basically you sign up..... get given a theme.... on this occasion 2 months to complete your 10 letters, to a list given to you of like minded folk doing the same thing elsewhere in the world.

The theme this time was 'Sweet' now that can mean a few things and your are open to interpret this how you wish. I took on the idea of sweet in the uk being the same as candy would be in the US. So after my lovely other half bringing me a lovely box of chocs, inspiration hit..... My 'Sweet' theme would be a box of chocolates.

I decided to make a stamp to represent the chocs to go in the choc box, on the back a recipe for some chocolate truffles. The envelope was to be the 'box' complete with ribbon and gift tag.

I also wanted to make my envelope quite small.... again using the sweet theme I have always loved the old fashioned Jane Austin style letter and so a smaller envelope was made. I then decorated the outside by stamping and painting my ribbon and drawing some tags. I made a few variations just to try.

The final extra was a little 'sweet' heart supposed to resemble and edible treat on a ribbon. These were just made from shrink plastic, drew various designs on them and threaded them up. These can either be worn as necklaces, used as bookmarks or just a little bit of decoration. I hope they have arrived with the recipients ok and look forward to seeing my elevated envelopes coming through the door.

For more information if you want to take part the next time follow the Ephemera facebook page and follow the blog. All organised by Tara Bliven!!



  1. this is mind blowing informative and fantastic post thanks for sharing a lovely post...
    navratna mala

  2. What alot of work putting together your treat and envelope, really interesting idea and loved what you did.
    Thanks for sharing Siân :0)


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