Saturday, 17 November 2012

Collagraph Prints with Hester Cox

Collagraph printing..

This was another class at Rural Arts in Thirsk, workshop was run by an amazing artist, Hester Cox .  The technique involved reminded me a little of etching but its really the reverse!?  You actually add things onto the surface of your 'plate' however we had to be careful not to go too 3D.  I chose to experiment with all sorts of textures and the print below is made up from glue, papers, cutting into things, and then I painted the feather with a white artist paste to give a little relief and texture.

It was then dried and prepped ready for printing.  Using inks you gently add them to the plate and work the colours in just applying with you fingertip.... at first I was worried about this as it looked like a disaster!  However then you start to wipe away the excess ink and the magic start to happen.  The ink you are left with is just what is sunk into the groves and pick up all of the textures.  Next we dampened some paper and rolled the whole lot through a press.

Then hey presto!.......

(The middle pictures show the prints I managed and the original plates that I made.)

This was tricky to do but really good fun so would recommend if you have the opportunity to give it a try, to go ahead.


  1. looks great, definitely something I'd love to have a go at sometime.

  2. Looks lovely!!Something I would love to try also

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