Monday, 21 January 2013

Book Review - How to Make Money using Etsy by Timothy Adam

Well after reading this book I was inspired to get on with my Etsy shop!!  It is a really good book for the beginner and goes over all aspects of Etsy.  Some aspects are already starting to become out of date but would say at least 90% is still very valid so worth the read.  It is really a two part book, half setting up and running an Etsy Shop and half how to start and use Blogs. 

The book starts right from researching your subject, thinking of the right name for your Etsy shop right through to how to sell and promote your shop when you've put it together.  It is very easy to read with good clear language and no real techie jargon.  There are lots of photo snapshots of computer windows to help understand the sites and options mentioned.  The book does touch upon social media including facebook and twitter but blogging is the main form of Etsy promotion Timothy Adam recommends.   This leads to the second half of the book which looks at Blogging.  It goes through how to set up a blog and then what to write about and how to make it work for your shop. 

I already have a shop so a lot of the beginning of the book didn't help me - however I would still recommend that the Etsy shop owner should read this.  For me some great chapters were about the various Google word search sites like 'Google Trends' 'Google Insights' which help with Keywords.  There is also all the information about Blogging -  the writer is a blogger so passes on a lot of information about blogs including lots of great ideas of what to write about.  There are also lots of answers from other bloggers and tips they use.

The end of the book rounds up with some examples of successful Etsy sellers, I didn't get a great deal out of these but again can see how they are useful for a new first time Etsy seller.  They do give tips on how to do your photos and about organisation, they also mention that successful shops can take over your life so be prepared!!

If you have read the book and would like to add your thoughts - or are thinking of buying the book and want to ask a question (i'll try my best to answer) then please feel free in my comments section.

You can purchase this from various places including Amazon for new and used copies

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