Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter..... BCTF update

Well a happy Easter to you all and I hope you are all managing to enjoy a bit of a break. I have managed to take a couple of days off to recover from the show, which thankfully went really well. There was apprehension from everyone I think as no one knew what to expect from the three day event. The worst case scenario would have been no or very few buyers. But thankfully many buyers came, I really felt there was a positive vibe in amongst all the doom and gloom we have heard in the press. I managed to receive a good few orders which is great and have some new stockists to add to my list. There was lots of positive feedback about my work and display and about the overall show. So it was a real success. So I'm busy getting on with my orders as well as work for the up and coming exhibitions.

My 2009 display

The next event is the Henshaws craft fair. This is only a small event and I plan to sell a variety of items as well as my jewellery. I will be selling a small range of work on show on my website as well as a selection of thin rainbow colour bangles. I will also take a range of my handmade cards, painted glasses and tea lights, hand painted silk scarves and knitted scarves, the work is about ready for this, just need to sort how I'm going to put the display together.

I have also signed up with Etsy, its a great website which allows makers to sell their work, I'm just in the process of getting the details ready to up load my items. I plan to sell more limited edition items of my work that are just one offs now and are probably not going to be repeated again. I will keep my blog posted with progress.
Well I think that's all my news for now, enjoy the rest of the bank holiday.

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  1. I'm glad the show went well for you and you got some good orders! I'm planning to exhibit there in either 2010, so it's good to hear your side of it.


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