Friday, 3 April 2009

One day to go!

Well its the British Craft Trade Fair setting up day tomorrow which always proves to be a bit hectic. I think all preparations are in place, I put a final coat of paint on my stands last night so fingers crossed they should be all dry today ready to head off in the van sat. All the work is ready and I'm really excited to be showing 3 brand new ranges (see blog images), Alliums, East Coast and B&W Drawings which are available to preview on my website. I am also taking a few other popular ranges as well that I'm sure buyers will be interested in. I've had a few late nights preparing for this what with printer problems whilst trying to print price lists and running out of paper, trying to get press information together etc. However after tomorrow I'm sure it will have all come together nicely and I can just enjoy speaking to customers about my work!



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